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Venegas Capital’s core values are the principles that guide our investments and our interactions with our investors, our clients, and our employees.


Commitment:  As a company, we are committed to providing top tier investment banking solutions for our clients and superior investment returns for our partners.

Excellence:  We strive to be the best at what we do, through disciplined decision making and holding our company to the highest standards.

Perseverance:   Through relentless perseverance and hard work we have achieved, and will continue to achieve, great success for our investors and business partners.

Teamwork:   We look to partner with management teams and employees to achieve our common goal across businesses and build value together.   

Integrity: Our reputation is crucial to our firm; thus, we operate our firm with the upmost integrity in everything we do.

Our Mission Is To Make A Meaningful Impact In Society By Providing Financial And Management Solutions To Clients We Serve And The Companies In Which We Invest.

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